Crystal Microphone 2022

Crystal Microphone 2022

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The symbols of the Kalush Orchestra's victory at Eurovision will now help make Ukraine's victory in the war with the Russian occupiers. The band auctions the Eurovision Glass Mic Trophy awarded to the winner of Eurovision 2022 to collect donations to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The representatives of the ENKO label Kalush Orchestra with the song Stefania won Eurovision 2022 with a total score of 631 points by a large margin. This is the third victory of Ukraine at Eurovision and the first song written entirely in the Ukrainian language. With such voting, Europeans supported not only the Kalush Orchestra but Ukraine in general. The country is currently fighting against russian occupiers for its freedom, independence, democracy, and peace.

It’s noteworthy that the first attempt to mint the NFT trophy "Crystal Microphone" belongs to Ukraine. It is also the world's first auction with the Eurovision winner's cup.

The raffle initiative is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the association of broadcasters that organizes the international Eurovision Song Contest.

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By winning NFT auction by cryptocurrency, the new owner receives:


A 100% unique 1 of 1 NFT of the Crystal Microphone.


An exclusive meeting and dinner with members of the Kalush Orchestra.


An opportunity to receive a physical object, the Crystal Microphone, as long as the bid is higher than the fiat (regular) currency bid.

For everyone's information:

Meta History helds the auction off the real "Eurovision 2022” statuette. You bid in "ETH", and only the biggest bid of all will be saved. Therefore the bids that do not win the auction will be returned to the participants in ETH. In addition to the trophy, the winner will also get an all-expenses-paid trip to dinner with the Kalush Orchestra band at their favorite restaurant in Kyiv

The fiat money are transferred to the general fund with no possibility of return. However, when you send fiat money, you are also participating in a lottery where you can also win vocalist Oleh Psiuk's famous pink Panama.

We use "soft close", so the auction will be extended by 10 minutes after the last bid.

If somebody will bid at 20:00, then auction will be prolonged to 20:10. If it is prolonged and somebody will bid at 20:05, then it will be prolonged to 20:15 and so on. If there are no bids for 10 minutes after the prolongation, then the auction will be closed.

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