The NFT-museum

of the war of putin's russia against Ukraine

National NFT platform approved & supported by:

Ministry of Education and Science of UkraineMinistry of Digital TransformationMinistry of Culture of UkraineBlockchain Association of Ukraine

The war’s been going on for


24 February 2022 – Until now

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11 Apr 2022, 17:48:53 UTC248.85 ETH$741,453.5520xd3228e099e6...5693Ukraine Crypto DonationSee on Etherscan
22 Apr 2022, 19:03:44 UTC0.606 ETH$1,795.6810x806ca46e7df...116aCultural Restoration WalletSee on Etherscan
22 Apr 2022, 19:06:13 UTC0.21 ETH$622.2660x806ca46e7df...116aCultural Restoration WalletSee on Etherscan
22 Apr 2022, 19:08:58 UTC0.2121 ETH$628.4880x806ca46e7df...116aCultural Restoration WalletSee on Etherscan
22 Apr 2022, 19:11:28 UTC0.25 ETH$740.7930x806ca46e7df...116aCultural Restoration WalletSee on Etherscan

About us

At MetaHistory, we want to preserve the important events of history as they are. Truthful, eternal, immutable.

У MetaHistory ми хочемо зберегти важливі події в історії такими, якими вони є. Правдивими, вічними, незмінними.

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We will never let any single day of this period disappear from the ledger of world history.

Ми не дамо викреслити
жодного дня цього періоду
зі сторінок світової історії.

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  • Digital mixed media artist, creates NFT pieces, mixed reality pieces, art in the Multiverse
  • Ambassador for the International Blockchain Association
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